Share the Aloha Spirit

Inspired by the Hawaiian Aloha Spirit, we are instinctively optimistic, fun-lovin and passionate about nature. 

We have a deep connection with boardsports and the outdoors, huge respect for the environment and the fact that we can’t help our spontaneous sense of humor is what helps us get through tough days.(try giving yourself a smile right now, it will feel great :)

Put all these ingredients in a mixer and you will have the perfect Hang Loose Shake 🤙

Born at the beach, we challenge ourselves to craft high quality, long-lasting products and low environmental impact.

To disconnect…..and reconnect with Nature


In 1982, when the surfwear market did not exist in Brazil, Alfio Lagnado created the Hang Loose brand.

As a surfer, he was looking for an alternative to make his trips viable in search of the perfect wave. He noticed there was a lack of shorts specifically for surfing and started to produce them himself.

'86 Pro Contest

It was the first time a CT event took place in Florianopolis and a massive crowd showed up to watch the world's best talent in the water as perfect sets in the 8-10 foot range rifled down the line at the lefthand pointbreak.The contest had a major impact on the history of surfing in Brazil. At the time, Brazilian surfing had yet to crack the barrier for success in competitive surfing.

Eighty Two Organic PIMA Tee – Mustard - Hang Loose

Disconnect to Reconnect

Go for a surf session or for a hike on the weekends, walk your dog at the park or just enjoy a coffee in your backyard at the morning. Take a look at the ocean. BREATH. Spend more time in Nature and high quality time with your friends and family. HAVE FUN