The fact that we are trying to do the least amount of harm possible does not necessarily mean the same as doing good, but as company, we decided to use all of our efforts to craft our products and make the least environmental impact possible. 

 We are a product-driven company, and finding ways to “produce better” it’s as important as the product itself.

 In our first season, 69.45% of our production was made on a less harmful production method. Organic Cotton and Recycled Polyester are the two main fabrics we used. 
We are below what we expected, but we are working on it to get better

Peru Fair Trade - Comercio Justo Perú
100% Peruvian Organic PIMA Cotton
Bottleshort recycled
USDA Organic


PIMA cotton is a premium cotton variety that is prized for its softness, durability, and luxurious feel. Its long staple length gives it a number of advantages over other types of cotton, including strength, color retention, and resistance to pilling. PIMA cotton from Peru, in particular, is highly regarded for its quality and sustainability.
PIMA cotton represents 3% of the world’s cotton production while Organic Cotton only accounts for 1% (or less)

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Bottleshort recycled

Recycled Polyester

Recycled polyester is a type of polyester fabric that is made from recycled plastic bottles and other plastic waste. This process of recycling plastic waste reduces the amount of waste that ends up in the ocean
Joining the group of brands that pioneered the technology to protect the ocean and generate a conscience we produce our boardshorts and Caps using recycled polyester
We estimate that for each pair of our bottleshorts we save 6 bottles from reaching the ocean. and for each Cap we save 3 bottles from reaching the ocean



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