P Loose Cord Hat - Smoked Brick
P Loose Cord Hat - Smoked Brick
P Loose Cord Hat - Smoked Brick

P Loose Cord Hat - Smoked Brick

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For us, headwear is not just an accessory but 100% part of our dress code.
No bad hair days, sun protection, and part of who you are. Your hat shouts out loud your personality.
As caps daily users, we focus on product shape, quality, and construction materials.

All our hats are made of 100% Recycled Polyester (yeah, it’s made of recycled plastic!).
We use plastic bottles to make the yarn and then proceed to craft them.

Combat the sun with a trendy corduroy bucket hat. Crafted with bonded fabrics, soft sweatbands, and side eyelets to provide breathability (different embroidery tones on one side)

- One Size: M (58 cm = 22⅘ inches)
- Brim: 6 cm
- Corduroy
- 100% Recycled Polyester

How to measure: 
Find a cloth measuring tape and begin measuring by wrapping it around your head where a hat would comfortably sit. We suggest measuring about an inch above the brow. Mark the point where the two ends of the tape join together. Magic, if it's something near 58 cm (22⅘ inches) you are good to go!

100% Recycled Polyester

Bottleshort recycled


Recycled polyester is an amazing type of polyester fabric that is crafted from recycled plastic bottles and other plastic waste. With each of our hats, we estimate that we save approximately 3 bottles from potentially reaching the ocean. It's a small but significant step toward creating a cleaner ocean. Reduce waste, Promote recycling, and contribute to keeping enjoying this incredible playground!